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Have you ever wondered how an Outdoor Wood Stove works? The best example I can think of is the automobile.

The most common factor that you will find in both an automobile and an outdoor wood stove is "Water". In an automobile, the engine heats the water which passes through a heater core mounted in the dash. A fan is used to force air through the heater core which has the hot water constantly passing through it. This produces an "exchange" of air from cold to hot and naturally, the air is then passed to the vents which warm the car.

Pretty simply? Well guess what? The Outdoor Wood Stove, (also known as an Outdoor Wood Furnace), is just as simple. Let's break it down.

Instead of the engine heating up the water, the Outdoor Wood Stove will perform that task. The firebox is completely surrounded by water. Wood burns in the firebox which heats the water to a pre-determined temperature. When the inside thermostat calls for heat, a circulation pump starts pumping water through a pipe that is buried under ground. Inside the house, a heat exchanger is mounted in the plenum. The forced air system pushes air over the heat exchanger and causes hot air to be distributed through the duct system.

The great thing about this system is that it is so simple. The majority of people who purchase our stove do the installation themselves. Granted they may have someone do a portion of the job, but the labor intensive items, they call a friend to help them or they do themselves.
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