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Are you

tired of your heat bills constantly rising year after year? Take a look at this chart that details the continual increase in electricity prices.

Do you dread going to the mailbox and seeing your electric or gas bill? What is stopping the electric and gas companies from raising your rates again this year and what about the next? Absolutely nothing! And Gas prices fluctuate as much as the temperature does in Death Valley. Lets face it, our pocket book is at the electric and gas companies mercy.
What about your house during the winter; is it cold because you are worried about the electric or gas bill? Before I installed an Outdoor Wood Boiler in my house my whole family froze. To be honest my electric bill was running close to $400 and I was still freezing. I had just built a new house with laminate floors throughout and it seemed like the house was never warm. However, that all changed when I installed the outdoor furnace. If we were cold, we just turned the thermostat up and didn't think twice about it. Your family being comfortable is worth a whole lot.

There is an alternative. A Taylor Outdoor Wood Furnace offers a safe way to heat your house and put that money back in your pocket (and keep your family warm).

Don't be turned away because of the many miss conceptions about outside wood stoves. They are totally different than inside wood stoves. Some of the biggest advantages to an outside wood stove is there is absolutely:
  • No ashes to worry about in the house
  • No fire hazard inside of your home
  • No smoke smell in the house

Take a couple of minutes and browse through the categories at the top of the screen and learn the true benefits of installing a Taylor Outdoor Wood Boiler and see how it will put money back in your pocket.

Taylor Outdoor Wood Furnaces - In Business for over 25 Years

Discover WHY we can say that.

We don't ANY fancy electronics or circuit boards. ALL of our parts are off-the-shelf parts, that are available anywhere. There's nothing proprietary that you have to buy from us. Many companies don't have a forced air fan.

Kentucky Outdoor Wood Stoves - Home of the best built Outdoor Wood Furnace. Are you tired of paying those "HIGH" electric or gas bills? If so, the solution is only a phone call away!

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